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SolidGround Technologies is one of the leading consulting and training organizations providing premier consulting, on-site education, knowledge transfer, and customized business solutions.  A substantial focus of our business involves deploying Business Intelligence solutions, concentrating on solutions powered by BusinessObjects software. 

Whether in the telecommunications, health care, education, transportation, snack foods, defense, or computer systems industries, our customers share the common need for reliable information technology solutions and the expertise to manage them.

SolidGround Technologies prides itself on its principles, practices, personnel, and commitment to excellence.

We are proud to have a full slate of solution successes.  We have an international client base that runs the gamut from Fortune 100 corporations to public sector entities to start-up enterprises.  Our success stems from enabling our clients to take ownership of a delivered solution through a process of knowledge transfer, allowing them to manage their environment into the future long after our consultant's departure.

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